Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting


Graduates of this program may pursue the following career paths but not limited to:

A.    Broadcasting, interactive and emerging media practitioners:

a.       Scriptwriters

b.      Directors

c.       Producers

d.      Performers

e.       Journalists

f.       Production designers (lighting, set design, costume/make up)

g.      Post-production specialists

h.      Web content creators and developers and web designers

i.        Graphic designers

j.        Videographers/Cinematographers

k.      Musical scorers

B.     Managers in broadcasting, cable, interactive and emerging media companies;

C.     Consultants in media relations, public relations and corporate communications;

D.    Teachers and trainers of communication, broadcasting, interactive and emerging media; 

E.     Broadcasting, interactive and emerging media entrepreneurs; and policy and decision makers in government information agencies.

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