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The Extension and Community Outreach Services – ECOS (originally known as Community Outreach and Extension Service office) was instituted in 1994 under the Presidency of Dr. Virgilio C. Bautista. Since then, the office had undergone several changes in terms of headship and services ranging from a simple adoption of barangays to a partnership with adopted schools and to possible linkages with other private and government institutions who envision development of sustainable communities through partnership and linkages in local, regional, national and international levels.

UB Vision and Mission


In pursuit of perfection, the University of Baguio is committed to provide balance quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills and ethical values in a fun learning environment.


The University of Baguio educates individual to be empowered professionals in a global community. ECOS upholds the exemplar delivery of immediate, responsive and sustainable outreach and extension programs to address societal concerns.


ECOS through innovative services and programs advocates a well-rounded volunteer who:

  1. Cares and portrays goodwill and compassion for the underprivileged;
  2. Acts with pure intentions in extending assistance to the populace;
  3. Renews hope through informal education skills training and human advancement;
  4. Engages zealously in the conduct of relevant community research;
  5. Transforms individuals to become pillars of continuing and sustainable development and;
  6. Displays beneficial relationships rooted in trust and interdependence.



Adopt-A-School Program was established through RA 8525 pursuant to Adopt-a-School Act of 1998. It aims to create multiple partnerships with the business sector, foundations, non-government organizations and individuals to team-up with the Department of Education (DepEd) in providing the needed assistance and service to public schools.

As a response to this, ECOS volunteers join forces in empowering the student beneficiaries of an identified area, considered as in need of services and assistance. As a result, the University of Baguio, through ECOS adopted Alejo Pacalso Mamorial National High School in Tuding, Benguet, Lindawan National High School and Lindawan Elementary School both in Barangay Lucnab and currently looking forward to adopt more public schools in Baguio City and Benguet province.


Adopt-A-Park program is aimed at protecting and enhancing the City of Baguio’s parks, museums and open spaces by utilizing volunteer support from the university, and educating students and residents as well about the importance of our parks, museums and open spaces.

Pursuant to RA 9512 s. 2008 otherwise known as National Environmental Awareness and Education Act of 2008, the program aims further to instill to the community it serves the University’s commitment to environmental protection and promote balanced healthful ecology “in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature.”


Adopt-A- Barangay project is a community based rehabilitation plan based from the criteria and guidelines set forth by the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) office and the Association of Barangay Captains in the City of Baguio. Once identified, the prospective barangay through its officials will be presented a plan of activity based from the result of a need assessment to be conducted in the prospected barangay. 

The University of Baguio, through Extensions and Community Outreach Services office helped residents of Barangays Irisan, San Luis, Loakan Proper, Sto. Tomas Proper and currently in partnership with Barangays Lucnab to be empowered in order to develop sustainable means of living.
Special Projects
Aside from the main project of ECOS under the UB Cares Program, which focuses on community/school development and services to the barangays and institutions in need, it also accommodates invitational activities sanctioned by the guidelines set forth by the University and ECOS office in order to ensure delivery of quality service to the beneficiaries. It does not promise automatic solution to problems but initiates positive change to pave the way for possible solutions.
To ensure high percentage of success in carrying its activities, ECOS identified key areas to focus with in order to maximize its resources. To address this goal, the different schools and departments are clustered according to their areas of specialization to address better the different concerns under their group.

Organizational Chart

ECOS Partners / Collaborators


Barangay Lucnab

Alejo M. Pacalso Memorial National High School (AMPNHS)

Baguio Water District (BWD)

Lindawan National High School

Lindawan Elementary School

Cordillera Conservation Trust Inc. (CCT); Municipality of Itogon

General Emilio Aguinaldo Foundation, Inc. (GEAF)


With the existence of UB’s Adopt-A-Barangay project under the UB CARES program, UB endeavors to readily implement worthwhile projects/activities which may be requested by the barangay, based on the Community Needs Assessment Survey conducted.

With the existence of UB’s Adopt-A-School project under the UB CARES program, UB endeavors to initiate and/or implement worthwhile projects & activities for the benefit and welfare of AMPNHS’ students and employees, based on the available manpower and other resources of the University.

BWD invited UB to be one of its partners in their Tree Inventory Program which aims to establish data on the exact number of existing trees in a watershed and other necessary data to support the formulation of a watershed management plan.

UB undertakes to empower the school constituents through Leadership, Computer Literacy, Health and Sanitation and other skills development trainings as requested by the LNHS, based on available manpower and other resources of the University while the latter will recommend deserving students for scholarship in college.

UB endeavors to foster a teaching-learning environment where the students, staff, and faculty of both parties will learn from each other in an open and conducive atmosphere while the school undertakes to support and assist in the implementation of the various projects and programs.

Promotion and conservation of the Cordillera mountain environment through UB’s provision of trainings & educational materials on homestay development & sustainable tourism through CCT’s Landscape Walks program in the Municipality of Itogon, Benguet.

With the existence of UB’s Adopt-A-Park project under the UB CARES program, GEAF endeavored to make room in the Aguinaldo park for a botanical garden for educational purposes; provide reasonable discounts in admission fees to students, faculty, & employees of UB; assist in training the UB students as volunteer in the fields or areas of Tourism, HRM, Mass Communications, Human Sciences, History; Arts, and in general provide whenever feasible assistance to extension projects of UB.

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