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The Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) offers a comprehensive range of programs and activities that cater to the needs of the students while ensuring their adherence to the vision, mission and objectives of the University. The paramount considerations are three-fold, namely, student development, student assistance and student formation.

Student development comprises the different services concentrated on the formation of a well-balanced personality. By initiating co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, the University helps in developing the abilities, skills and potentials which may not be directly responded to in the classroom. Efforts toward this include making opportunities available to students to participate in civic, political, athletic, social and cultural activities.

Student assistance comprises the services extended to help students cope up with the challenges of University life. Towards this realization, opportunities are afforded to deserving students while enhancing their knowledge about college life and opening avenues for growth. It also serves as the channel of communication that connects students to the administration.

Student formation comprises the concerted efforts of the University to bring forth the right order of things. This includes disciplinary provisions that instill responsible behavior and respect towards the members of the University community. Through this, an environment conducive to learning is being established.


OSA, in coordination with the different schools, aims to:
• cultivate a strong sense of leadership among students;
• hone talents and skills that promote local, national and international identity;
• organize and conduct activities that develop the students' spirituality, sound values, ethical standards and well-being;
• awaken the sensitivity and consciousness of students via advocacies that address critical issues;
• impose disciplinary measures that ensure the protection of one's rights without compromising justice and impartiality and;
• empower students in their right to organize/assemble within the bounds of university guidelines and policies.

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