School of Business Administration and Accountancy

The University of Baguio School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) provides students exposures that are excellence-driven and initiative-oriented. It offers a remarkably challenging set of activities in each of the classes, encouraging productivity and critical thinking.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The primary goal of accounting education is to produce competent professional accountants capable of making a positive contribution over their lifetimes to the professional and society in which they work. In the face of increasing changes that they will meet later as professional accountants, it is essential that students develop and maintain an attitude of learning to learn, to maintain their competence later as professional accountants.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  • Major in Human Resource Development Management (HRDM)
  • Major in Marketing Management (MM)
  • Major in Financial Management (FM)
  • Major in Operations Management (OM)

Graduate and Doctoral Programs

  • Masters in Business Administration (Thesis and Non-Thesis Program)
  • Doctor of Business Administration

Admissions and Records Center

General Luna Road, Baguio City

Contact Information

(074) 442-4915

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