School of Engineering and Architecture

The University of Baguio (UB) School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) nurtures academic excellence and develops graduate outcomes through the adoption of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) in its program offerings.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSARCH)

The Bachelor of Science in Architecture program ensures mastery of comprehensive architectural knowledge, both in theory and practice, and proficiency of skills of the graduates in accordance with the scope of the practice of architecture. The program directs and focuses the thrust of architecture education to the needs and demands of society and its integration into the social, economic, cultural, and environmental aspects of nation-building.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)

The career paths available to civil engineers are many and varied and can involve a wide range of activities, tools, situations, and venues, from conceptual design of facilities that do not yet exist to forensic study of facilities that have failed to perform as expected and advanced simulation of complex systems, management of people and projects, and private consulting to public service.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (BSECE)

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering program aims to:

a.    provide the student with an education in the fundamentals of electronics engineering that will allow him to be immediately competitive in the industry or in graduate work while providing him with the best opportunity for achieving his full potential during his lifetime;

b.    develop in the student a sense of professional responsibility and social awareness; and

c.    provide practical applications evidenced by laboratory, design, project study, computer exercise and practicum courses.

These would help the student to work well whether independently or as part of a group.


Bachelor of Engineering Technology major in Mechatronics (BET-Mecha)

The Bachelor of Engineering Technology major in Mechatronics (BET-Mecha)  program is an interdisciplinary field that combines appropriate technologies in control systems, electronic systems, mechanical systems, and computers. Students in the program are nurtured to gain skills and prepared to work with electromechanical equipment suited for the industrial workplace. A wide range of opportunities await the graduates of the program such as Certified Plant Mechanic Licensure Exam, Registered Master Electrician Licensure Exam, Instrumentation and Controls Engineer, safety officer, and Safety Engineer job placement.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (BSESE)

The Bachelor of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering program recognizes the importance of sanitary engineering in the protection and preservation of the environment as well as in the promotion of the health and well-being of the general public. The groundwork of student preparation is based on acknowledging the fundamental competencies required of the undergraduates to assume the specific roles of professionals in nation-building in the future.


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