Associate in Computer Technology




The Associate in Computer Technology with Specialization in Multimedia and Web Design program equips students with the competencies in computer programming and application of technical, innovative and creative skills in the field of multimedia and web design. The course prepares students to take related TESDA national certification or equivalent I.T. industry certification and is a “ladderized” program leading to Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS).




The Associate in Computer Technology with specialization in Multimedia and Web Development (ACT) program aims to produce a graduate who can:

  1. understand best practices and standards and their applications;
  2. apply proficiently technical skills in multimedia and web development projects;
  3. identify and analyze user needs and take them into account in the selection, creation, evaluation of web design and multimedia project;
  4. function effectively as a member or leader of a development team recognizing the different roles within a team to accomplish a common goal;
  5. understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities in the utilization of information technology;
  6. recognize the need for and engage in planning self-learning and improving performance as a foundation for continuing professional development;

View: Associate in Computer Technology with specialization in Multimedia and Web Design Checklist

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