School of Nursing

The University of Baguio School of Nursing nurtures academic excellence and develops outcomes through the adoption of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) in its program offerings.

The School of Nursing provides intensive practicum-training to develop the competencies of students utilizing processes in various health situations like community health nursing, school nursing, general and specialty hospitals.


The School of Nursing, through innovative approaches in a caring environment, aims to produce a health care graduate who:

  1. exhibits the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in promoting and maintaining the holistic well-being of the patient;
  2. demonstrates proficiency in the delivery of health-care services;
  3. practices ethico-moral and legal aspects of the nursing profession;
  4. conducts health-related researches and applies findings for the enhancement of the care of the patient;
  5. participates actively in community services to improve quality of life; and
  6. demonstrates effective and efficient leadership capabilities through the health care concepts, functions, and activities.

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