Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences for Research

The Research and Development Center organized a seminar  on “Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences for Research”  to help the research students with their data analysis.  The SPSS workshop was done at the Computer Laboratory Rooms at F112 and F213. Selected representatives for research group among the university students attended the seminar-workshop. The groups were divided into two venues. The social sciences and engineeringIMG_5270 majors participated in the workshop conducted by Engr. Hafalla while Dr. Saong handled allied medical courses.

The seminar trainers were Dr. Marilou M. Saong and Engr. Victor V. Hafalla Jr. Dr. Saong teaches at the School of Natural Sciences while Engr. Hafalla teaches at the School of Engineering and Architecture. Both of them are University’s statisticians and members of the University Research Board.

The trainers discussed  the importance  of statistics to research, the IMG_5280field of statistics, and organizing and presenting data. The sub-topics include basics statistical hypothesis testing and tests on one and two sample means.   The speakers also discussed the chi-square tests as part of the inferential statistics. Lastly, lecture on ANOVA and factorial designs were deliberated by the speakers, and they gave actual practice for the participants.

 Each of the participants was given the opportunity to encode and explore the given tests based on the data provided by the speakers.  The trainers gave step-by-step instructions so that all the participants may be able to have a first-hand experience to tally data using SPSS.

University researchers who need reliability testing may avail of the licensed SPSS for free Research and Development Center provided that they know the statistical tools to be used. The university statisticians may be consulted for free as well.