Measuring the satisfaction of students in the ECE laboratory

Engr. Annalyn D. Soria

Engr. Marissa Perdon
School of Engineering and Architecture


Measuring students’ satisfaction is an area that is very important in every university because the students are its main client. To continue being competitive with other universities, it is important that it continuously learn the level of students’ satisfaction with the services they provide. One of the services that a university offers is its laboratory equipment. This study employed descriptive research design to determine the level of satisfaction of ECE students in using the existing ECE Laboratory Equipment and to determine the correlation between students’ educational experience in using the laboratory and equipment satisfaction. Findings revealed that students were moderately satisfied regarding the use of the ECE laboratory (M=2.96, SD=0.70). The results further show that students are also moderately satisfied with the services/facilities offered by the ECE laboratory (M=2.98, SD=0.74). The result implies that the students are moderately satisfied with the sufficiency, availability, quality, and functionality of the laboratory equipment. Analysis of variance showed the effect of year level of ECE students on the level of satisfaction using the laboratory equipment/facility, F(3,185)=3.41, p=0.019. Posthoc analysis using Tukey’s HSD indicated that the mean level of satisfaction for third year ECE students (M=2.89, SD=0.03) is significantly lower than the mean level of satisfaction for the fifth year ECE students (M=3.21, SD=0.05). Pearson correlation coefficient of -.767 indicated that there is a strong negative correlation between educational experience and equipment satisfaction.

Keywords: students’ satisfaction level, ECE students, laboratory equipment, educational experience

January 15, 2019
UB RJ Vol. 42, No. 1 2018

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. 42, No. 1 January-June 2018