A study on resilience: Positive response to risk and adversity among high school students

Leny O. Estacio
Director, Center for Counseling and Student Development University of Baguio, Baguio City, Philippines
Email: lenyestacio@yahoo.com


Characterized by both opportunities for growth and adversity, adolescence is a transitional phase in human development. When it comes to this period of transition, adolescents vary in their responses to adversity. Some undergo emotional crisis while others display resilience. This study looked into the perceived dimensions of resilience of grade 11 senior high school students as a positive response to risk and adversity. The researcher made use of a descriptive survey to examine the nine dimensions of resilience. When faced with risk and adversity, adolescents saw themselves as able to display a very high degree of the dimensions of resilience, namely, acceptance, religiosity, optimism, purpose, and perseverance. When faced with risk and adversity, they were able to display a high degree self-esteem, humor, independence, and social intelligence. Differences were found when the data were compared according to sex and type of curriculum. A proposal for a mental health and wellness program was designed based on the findings. The program proposal capitalizes on what adolescents already have: resilience.

Keywords: Resilience, Risk, Adversity, Mental health, Wellness, Adolescence

July 19, 2019
UB RJ Vol. 43, No. 1 2019