Academic and Work Performance of Student Assistants in the University of Baguio 1st semester, SY 2003-2004

Cecilia Capones-Dangatan, BS Comp Eng’g


The major purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation of academic and work performance of student assistants in the University of Baguio. Convenience sampling was used in determining the sample population which consisted of 340 student assistants enrolled during the 1st Semester, SY 2003-2004. The descriptive-ex post facto method of research was used in this study. Gathering and analysis of available documentary materials in the University’s Human Resource Department and Registrar’s Office were performed. The statistical tools used were frequency counts, means, percentages, t-test, ANOVA, Mann-Whitney Test, Kruskal-Wallis, and Spearman Rank-Difference. Based on the findings of the study, the level of academic and work performance of student assistants are satisfactory. Student assistants’ gender, course, and scope of work (except year level) have no significant difference in the level of academic performance. On the other hand, the variables year level, course, and scope of work (except gender) do not affect the level of their work performance. Finally, it was indicated that there is no correlation between the academic and work performance of student assistants.


December 3, 2012
UB RJ Vol. XXIX, No. 1 2005