Attrition in Selected Colleges of the University of Baguio

Josefina S. Esguerra, Ed. D. | Annabelle E. Quirimit, MAS | Revelina M. Valdez, Ed. D. | Miguel Xerxes R. Villacrusis, MACT.


The study determined the status of attrition in the Colleges of Business Administration & Accountancy, Liberal Arts and Teacher Education of the University of Baguio. All students who dropped out from the programs of these colleges composed the population of the study for attrition rate while 173 graduating students during the first semester of SY 2007-2008 from the programs of the three colleges composed the population of the study for perceived factors influencing attrition. A low attrition rate (an average of 9.98%) and a very satisfactory retention rate (an average of 90.02%) in the programs of these colleges denote that the social and academic character of these colleges have a positive influence on the quality of interaction in their programs. A moderate influence of financial and personal/family/social factors and a slight influence of academic factors on student attrition in the programs of the specified colleges denote that there is a conducive, positive academic atmosphere and social and intellectual integration that contribute to the holding power of the colleges concerned. This holding power reduces attrition and enhances retention.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXII, No. 2, July – December 2008