Beliefs in the Stages of Farming of the Ambiong Farmers of La Trinidad, Province of Benguet

Roverlyn S. Sumeg-ang Science High School, UB


This study was conducted to identify and describe the traditional agricultural beliefs of Ambiong farmers in La Trinidad Benguet. It sought to find out how these beliefs in the different stages of farming influence the farmer’s life ways and thought-ways. This study was also made to discover the relevance of these beliefs in the agricultural production. The study employed the ethnographic method of research. Interviews and participation-observation were used to gather the necessary data and information from the Ambiong farmers. Results revealed that the Ambiong farmers have strong belief in the existence of unseen beings that have power over men. The farmers believe that these spirits aid them in their daily undertakings in the field and intervene for them for an abundant harvest. Belief in either malevolent or benevolent spirits dwelling in their field is perceived. These beliefs of the Ambiong farmers greatly influence the production of crops. The farmer’s belief on  Kabunyan, the belief on land as bequeathed by their ancestors, and the belief in spirits residing in the field contribute to discipline, unity and cooperation among farmers and, therefore, worth mentioning.

KEYWORDS traditional agricultural beliefs, Ambiong farmers, production, La Trinidad, farming stage