Christian Values: The Focusing Factor of Students of the Physical and Human Sciences Institute

Froilan C. Aspa, MACT
Edgardo A. Javier, MACT


This examinational study on Christian values as a focusing factor for students aspires to lend relevance to the University’s first mission: producing students steeped in Christian values. Along this prime objective, unity is called to educate for change. Considerably, the task on campus is to help students grow in the understanding of God’s mission and to bear relevant witness to the Gospel in a world that is losing its spiritual bearings. This research attempted to take the creative dreams and experiences of students and translate them into a language that communicates with audiences in a way that will challenge them to a maximum response to God and the Church. The study intended to reveal among students their openness to God’s love, their ways of exalting His power, experiencing and living their humanity and sense of fellowship, and in getting the most from campus ministry. As the campus breaks new grounds and seeks to express the church’s mission to the studentry, the findings of the study showed overwhelming satisfaction on the matter of impressing Christian values in students of the Physical and Human Sciences Institute. There is a support of institutions and patterns in making the Good News relevant in the areas of experiencing the work of ministry.


January 13, 2005
UB RJ Vol. XXIX, No. 2 2005