Dr. Aida A. Dapiawen

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dapiawen aida (Custom)Dr. Aida Dapiawen graduated from Saint Louis University, Baguio City, with the degree Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English.  She obtained her Master of Arts in English and Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education from the University of Baguio. She is an active member of the Association of Teachers of English Language and Literature-CAR and the Philippine Association for Teacher Education. She worked at the Saint Paul’s Academy, Sayangan Atok Benguet (1990-1996) and Don Bosco High School, Baguio City (1996-1997) as a classroom teacher before joining the University of Baguio in 1999 as a faculty member of the School of Teacher Education (STE). She was the subject head for the English Department (2000-2002) and the Research Anchorperson of the School of Teacher Education. Currently, she is with the School of International Hospitality and Tourism (SIHTM) and teaches part-time in the Graduate School program of the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (SLAHS). Her exemplary performance as a faculty member of the STE is evidenced by the awards she received such as Top Performing Teacher – 4th rank (2013) and Top Performing Teacher – 5th rank (2014). As an alumna of the University, she received awards as Top Performing Alumna (2002) and UBAFI Outstanding Alumna (2004). Dr. Dapiawen is regularly tapped by the Professional Regulations Commission to host their oath taking ceremonies.

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