Dr. Jun C. Corpuz

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Dr. Jun C. Corpuz has two undergraduate studies in the field of medical sciences.  He took up Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at Saint Louis University. His second undergraduate course is Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Baguio Central University.  His graduate studies are Master of Arts in College Teaching at the University of Baguio where he finishes as cum laude and an in progress Master of Arts of Chemistry at Benguet State University. His postgraduate study is Doctor of Philosophy in Developmental Education where he took at the University of Baguio.

He is a licensed medical technologist and a registered nurse. He also took up international examination, and he obtained a license as registered professional nurse in State of New York from the University of State Of New York.  He also passed the examination on NCLEX-RN and IELTS Examinations in the State of California.


Dr. Corpuz sits as the Chairperson for the Institutional Ethics Review Committee and is currently working as College Professor for the School of Allied and Medical Sciences of the University where he also serves as the Head for Natural and Physical Sciences Department. Aside from being an academician, Dr.Corpuz worked as Licensure Exam Reviewer for Local Nurse and National Reviewer for CGFNS/NCLEX, Criminology Licensure, as well as Dentistry Licensure.

On top of being a professor, Dr. Corpuz has an extensive hospital and clinic work experience. He worked overseas as a medical technologist at Gulf Laboratory and X-Ray Medical Services and Qatar Medical Center in Doha, Qatar (1993-1996). He also worked as nurse fellow at Baguio Central University Sto. Nino Hospital (December 2007-May 2008). He worked as a Clinic Nurse at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at the Notre Dame De Chartres Hospital  (June 09, 2012 – June 15, 2014).

In addition to his academic and clinical work experience, Dr. Corpuz has an extensive speaking engagement from within the University and at other schools. He delivered talks on

Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology, Criminalistic Research, Forensic Serology, Criminal Sociology, DNA Application in Law Enforcement, Gun Powder Residue: Paraffin Testing, Psychology of Crime

Commission, Psychology of Crime Commission, Dangerous Drugs in Forensic Nursing, Basic Forensics: Blood Stains and Gun Powder Octagon Review and Advocates, Test Taking Skills, Psychiatric Nursing: Therapeutic Communication, Community Health Nursing, Radiographic Techniques in Nursing, and Basic Leadership.

A dedicated professor in the University, Dr. Corpuz received numerous awards as Top Performing Teacher(Full Time) – March 2005, Top Performing Full-Time Teacher – March 2004, Top Performing Teacher(full Time) – March 2003, Top Performing Full-Time Faculty – March 2002, Top Performing Teacher – August 2001 and Outstanding UB Alumni – 2001.

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