Dr. Kareen B. Leon

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LEON, KAREEN B (Custom)Dr. Kareen Leon obtained her degrees in Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Master of Science in Business Administration from the Saint Louis University, Baguio City and her Doctor of Philosophy major in Development Education from University of Baguio.  A Certified Public Accountant, she also has a certification in Bookkeeping NC II. She worked as a Branch General Bookkeeper/Accountant and eventually Acting Chief Accountant at the Cooperative Bank of Benguet before joining the University of Baguio where she is currently the Dean of the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA).

She has distinguished herself in the field of accounting teaching in the SBAA as evidenced by the awards given to her such as Rosa C. Bautista Top Performing Teacher Award (2004,2005) and Rosa and Fernando Bautista Most Outstanding Teacher (2008, 2010). She is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

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  • Accounting Department Examination: The University of Baguio Experience – presented (poster) in CAS, Thailand
  • Leon, K. B., Decision Factors of the University of Baguio Accountancy Students, UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXIII, No. 1, January – June 2009
  • Leon, K.B., Dabucol, M. A. H. E., Bautista, S. I., Navarro, C. A., Abad, M. R., Attitude of BSAC Students Toward their Accounting Subjects, Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXIX, No. 2, July – December 2005
  • Leon, K. B., Dabucol, M. A. H. E., Bautista, S. I., Manansala, R. M. C., Laranang, B.M., Miranda, R.C., Abad, M. R., Teaching Behavior Inventory of Accountancy Teachers of the University of Baguio, UB Research Journal, Vol. XXX, No. 2, July to December 2006

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  • Social economy
  • Indigenous economic development
  • Participatory action research
  • Community Engagement | Community Development
  • Sociological barriers to cooperative development
  • Environmental concerns
  • Observational research
  • Correlational research
  • Health Research
  • Action Research


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  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Mixed Methods
  • Correlation/Regression Analysis
  • Quasi-Experimental
  • Experimental
  • Meta-Analysis