Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor

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CANTOR, MA. LOURDES E (Custom)Dr. Maria Lourdes E. Cantor has degrees in Doctor of Dental Medicine, Master of Arts in Education (Cum Laude), Master in Dental Education and Doctor of Education (Cum Laude) all from the University of Baguio. She was a member of the Philippines Military Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (2006-2008) and active member of the UB Dentistry Community Extension, Philippine Dental Association, International Association for Dental Research, and Southeast Asia Association for Dental Education. She worked as a Junior Dentist-Baguio Dental Center (1993), Assistant Dentist РSmile Dental Clinic (1993-1994) before joining the University of Baguio in 1997. She was a member of the Editorial staff of the UB Research Journal (1999-2004), Subject Head of Dentistry Professional Subjects (2001-2006), Staff of the Leaven (2001-2003), Research Coordinator (2005-2011), School of Dentistry Yearbook Coordinator (2007-2013), Adviser, Dental Explorer (2005-2012), Consultant, Dental Explorer (2013-present), Chief of Clinics/Head, Clinical Instruction (2008-2013).  She was a member of the Editorial Committee of the Institutional Research Review Board (2005-2006) before joining the Ethics Committee in 2013 to the present. In the University of Baguio, she has distinguished herself in dental education as evidenced by the numerous awards conferred of her such as Rosa C. Bautista Exemplary Teacher Award (2000, 2002), Rosa C. Bautista Top Performing Award (2001, 2003, 2007), Outstanding Full time  Teacher (2004), Fernando G. Bautista Exemplary Teacher Award (2005), Fernando and Rosa Bautista Exemplary Teacher Award РHall of Fame (2006), Most Outstanding Teacher Award (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013).

In 2001, she was given a Plaque of Recognition as Outstanding Faculty Alumna by the UB Alumni Foundation, Inc. and a recognition by the Private Education Retirement Annuity Association for being a Finalist in the Teaching Category A (2008) and Teaching category B (2014). She has also distinguished herself in the field of research both as a research adviser to students and as a faculty researcher. She was a Finalist in the SEAADE-GC Research Competition, Faculty co-author (2006), 4th place, SEAADE-GC Research Competition, Faculty Co-author (2008) and Finalist, Best Health Research Mentor (2013) given by the Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium.

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  • Social economy
  • Indigenous economic development
  • Community Engagement | Community Development
  • Environmental concerns
  • Observational research

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  • Qualitative Research