Effect of Students’ Learning Styles on their Assimilation of Trigonometric Integrals

Victor V. Hafalla Jr., MAAS, REE  |  Marie Aurora Dolipas, MACT, REM.


The study was conceived to determine the effect of the respondents’ learning style in productively assimilating certain developed theorems in Trigonometric Integrals. Results of the study suggest that the engineering course is predominantly composed of converger-type learners. On the average, learning the theorems will likely increase the students’ chances in performing satisfactorily in Trigonometric Integrals regardless of the students’ learning characteristic. Findings also demonstrate that the converger-type learners assimilate the theorems more productively; hence, they garnered the highest average performance rating in the post-test. Though the gain in the respondents’ scores between the quiz and post-test is significant for the converger-type learners, results for the other groups are inconclusive due to the scarcity of samples used.

Source: UB Research Journal, Vol. XXXII, No. 2, July – December 2008