Formulating Research Questions and Addressing Methodological Issues

With the eagerness of the Research and Development Center to promote the research culture of the university, the R & DC have been conducting a series of seminar which will enable the students to help and to understand more unmistakably the process of doing their researchers. The second installment of the symposium was entitled Formulating Research Questions and Addressing Methodological Issues at the Centennial Library. It was held on August 20, 2016, at the Centennial Library of the University. There were 204 attendees who came from the Graduate School, School of Allied Medical Sciences, School of Business Administration and Business Administration, School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety, School of Engineering and Architecture, School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, School of Dentistry, School of Teacher Education, visitors and Faculty members.

The speaker for the seminar is Dr. Rhoda B. Galangco, Director for Research and Development Center. Dr. Galangco lectured on pointers and guidelines for framing research questions. Discussion on salient points that will help the researchers address the techniques for writing was one of the goals of the seminar.

Throughout the workshop, the students and other participants were encouraged to participate using recitation and precise discussion of the specifics of the research questions. Dr. Galangco prepared some questions and thoroughly discussed what must be incorporated and should not be included in writing and frame the research questions.

Specific pointers like the accessibility of the locale of the study should be taken into consideration while doing the research. During the seminar, the population of the survey and its adequacy, credibility and the capacity to participate in the study were thoroughly undertaken. Materials for research and its relevance, appropriateness, availability and cost-effectiveness were also reminded to help the researchers administer their survey. Detailed discussion on the observance of ethics, attention to details, the students’ ability to discriminate which particular part of the interview to use for the final copy of the manuscript for data gathering procedures.

The seminar encourages students to asked relevant questions about the writing process of their research study. The students actively inquire some details and clarify issues about their research study during the open forum.

To close the workshop, Dr. Kareen B. Leon gave her closings remarks. Eden Catu- RDC