Institutional research findings propagate in the University

Through the initiative of the Research and Development Center, two faculty members from the College of Teacher Education successfully promulgated their research findings in a public lecture held last March 6, 2009 at UB FGB Hall.

 Basically, the study of Dr. Bernardita Ayunon entitled “The Impact of Organizational Meetings” focused on how organizational meetings are held in the University of Baguio and their impact to the faculty members and non-teaching personnel. The findings of the study revealed that the deans, subject heads and directors hold and practiced much of the procedures of meetings.

 On the other hand, Dr. Rhoda Galangco’s treatise “Defining the University of Baguio’s Organizational Culture” provided the participants an opportunity to unearth the different beliefs, values and norms that contributed much in shaping UB’s existing organizational culture. Results of her study unveiled some of the characteristics of organizational culture much manifested by the University which include attention to detail, aggressiveness, outcome orientation, team orientation, aggressiveness, outcome orientation, team orientation and innovation and risk – taking. Furthermore, among the beliefs of the employees, the observance of professionalism is very much manifested in their work values. Also, it was found that the written norms were the ones always observed in the University.

University constituents namely, the deans, directors/heads, subject heads, IRRB members, College Research Anchorpersons, and members of the top management participated in the public lecture. | By: Jenifer L. Kuadli – Research Assistant