Knowledge in Numbers

Development level of City Camp Lagoon along the food sector, indicating the community’s inability to sustain food need and adequate nutrition in the family
Source:  Community Problems and Needs of City Camp Central, Baguio City
by:  Dr. Josefina Esguerra & Dr. Agnes Bautista

Portion of blind children who could thoroughly clean the surfaces of their teeth after a month-long of guided brushing.
Source:  Effect of Guided Toothbrushing on the Oral Hygiene Performance of Blind Children of Northern Luzon Association for the Blind (NLAB)
by:  Dr. Ma. Lourdes Canto

Number of tested PUJ drivers, out of 43, who have very high levels of lead in the blood.
Source:  Incidence of Lead in the Blood of Jeepney Drivers in the City of Baguio
by:  Dr. Benilda Narcelles

Number of PUV drivers, out of 406, who oppose the issuance of new franchises for taxicabs.
Source:  Perceptions of Drivers and Operators toward the Traffic Schemes Implemented by the City Government of Baguio, March 2005
by:  Ms. Geraldine Llanes – Leaño, Ms. Honey Karl de Guzman &  Atty. Daniel Fariñas

Portion of vegetable samples collected from Puguis garden which were contaminated with soil-transmitted helminthes.
Source:  Isolation of Soil-Transmitted Parasites from Vegetable Washings
by:  Ms. Antonina Guerrero & Ms. Teresa Villanueva

30°C – 32°C
Temperature of Camp 7 and Balili rivers, indicating that these are thermally polluted — adversely affecting the aquatic organisms.
Source:  Thermochromic Testing of Thermal Pollution of Baguio and Benguet Rivers
by:  Ms. Cheryl Langit

75 : 25
Best concentration of mining effluent and silicone that could be used as anti-corrosion agent.
Source:  Mining Effluent and Silicone Mixture Used as Anti-Corrosion Agent
by:  Ms. Dahlia Soriano

Fraction of law student respondents who are not satisfied with the judicial procedure in the country.
Source:  Perspectives on Legal Education
by:  Atty. Daniel Fariñas

Overall proportion of attrition among clinical dentistry students.
Source:  Evaluation of the Clinical Dentistry Program of the University of Baguio
by:  Dr. Ma. Lourdes Cantor & Dr. Prisca Lee

Portion of library users who use the UB Library Online Public Access Catalog.
Source:  Utilization of the University of Baguio Library for the 1st Sem, SY 2005-2006
by:  Dr. Brigitt Santiago et al.

Chapter (Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data) of the thesis in which nursing students encounter much difficulty in accomplishing.
Source:  Difficulties of BS Nursing Students in Nursing Research
by Dr. Rhoda Galangco

Percentage of UB graduate respondents who are presently employed.
Source:  Employment Profile of the University of Baguio Graduates from SY 2000 – 2004
by:  Ms. Ellen Halover et al.

Percentage of UB student assistants who had good status in their academic performance.
Source:  Academic and Work Performance of Student Assistants in the University of Baguio, 1st Sem SY 2003-2004
by:  Ms. Cecilia Capones – Dangatan

Average number of hours family members expend per week to help and tutor the preschool child who obtains grades ranging from 96-99.
Source:  Effects of the Family Background on the Academic Performance of Kinder 1& 2 pupils at UB-LES
by Ms. Arlene Acosta, Ms. Tina Marie Agpalo & Mr. Mark Anthony Garcia