Message from R&D Director

Greetings to one and all for a new semester/new school year!

In the pursuit of quality education, the three-fold function of a university: teaching, research and extension services are equally important. The interplay of these functions cannot be denied. Teaching cannot be performed well without the accumulation of information in a scientific manner. Research, on the other hand, needs inputs from actual practices and observation to seek for more information, in the search for truth and knowledge. Extension services enable employees and the University to show concern, extend timely assistance, support and develop deprived, depressed and underdeveloped communities. Research unearths relevant information in this endeavor.

As members of the academic community, our thirst for knowledge must be unquenchable. Our survival as a university hinges on how effectively we perform our functions. Mr. Oliver Richard Celi, one of our Research Staff, successfully summarizes the issue on research with his statement: “Education without research is nothing.”

Need I say more?

Dr. Mary Agnes Haydee E. Dabucol
UB R&DC Director