Orientation cum seminar on the conduct of researches involving indigenous peoples held

Geared towards the objective of utilizing rich ideas and experiences in the conduct of useful researches in the quest for factIMG_9773 truth and wisdom, the Research and Development Center organized the last seminar for the short term of 2017 that will prepare the students for the conduct of their research. The seminar entitled Orientation cum Seminar on the Conduct of Researches involving Indigenous Peoples held on July 8, 2017 at the RCB Dome.

A total of 217 students and eight faculty members from the Graduate School, School of Business Administration and Accountancy, School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, School of Natural Sciences and School of Nursing  joined the seminar.

IMG_9690Dr. Aida A. Dapiawen, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, gave the welcome remarks to formally open the seminar.

The seminar speaker was  Michael G. Umaming, Development Management Officer V (DMO V) of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples- CAR. Umaming discussed the differences among ethno linguistic groups, indigenous cultural communities and tribes. He surveyed the crowd with their indigenous groups in the Cordilleras. He also talked about the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act  (IPRA) its importance, the purpose of its creation and its coverage.

IMG_9918Further, Umaming  detailed the requirements and fees needed should the students wanted to pursue their research aligned to indigenous peoples. He entertained the students’ queries after his talk.

Meanwhile, Andrea F. Cortel, School Research Anchorperson of the School of the Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, facilitated the open forum for the students.

To end the seminar, Roverlyn Sumeg-ang, School Research Anchorperson of UB Science High School, gave the closing remarks.