Orientation on Institutional Research Process and Seminar on Laboratory Research Safety

The Research and Development Center organized a seminar that prepared the students who will take Research courses for the first Semester of AY 2016-2017. The seminar was entitled “Orientation on Institutional Research Process and Seminar on Laboratory Research Safety”. It was held at the Centennial Hall of the University on July 2, 2016.

The orientation-seminar was attended by 137 college students from the Schools of Criminal Justice and Public Safety, School of Natural Sciences and School of Nursing. There were 18 faculty members from the School of Engineering, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences who also attended the orientation-seminar.

Dr. Aida A. Dapiawen, Member of Institutional Research Committee and a faculty member of the School of International Hotel and Tourism Management formally welcomed the participants.

Dr. Rhoda Basco-Galangco, Director of Research and Development Center gave the orientation on theIMG_8397 institutional research process. The discussion focused on the application for ethical clearance of researches involving human participants. Dr. Galangco discussed the step-by-step process on how to fill-up the application form.

The second phase of the seminar emphasized on safety procedures done in the laboratory. The speaker was Dr. Jun C. Corpuz a faculty member of the School of Natural Sciences. He mentioned that the policy on laboratory research safety greatly involve and apply to all faculty, staff, students and employees of the university. The attendees were cautioned to practice and adhere to the highest stanIMG_8441dards for the safe protection of facilities and the protection of our environment, the employees, students and visitors, and the people of the communities in which we work. Dr. Corpuz also lectured on general laboratory safety procedures and rules-its goals and objectives. He also identified the general classes of hazardous chemicals, its adverse effects and how to avoid its damages.

Dr. Corpuz is a Registered Medical Technologist and Registered US Nurse. He has also a degree in Master of Arts in Teaching and Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education. Eden Catu-RDC