Orientation on the application for the ethical clearance of researches involving human participants cum seminar on critiquing research proposals

“Orientation on the application for the ethical clearance of researches involving human participants cum seminar on critiquing research proposals”

This whole-day seminar was conducted on January 21, 2017, at the Café Fernando of the University. The participants were the research anchorpersons, research teachers, interested faculty members, and staff from the School of Allied Medical Sciences (SAMS), School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA), School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety (SCJPS), School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences (SLAHS), School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management (SIHTM), UB Senior High School (UBSHS) , UB Laboratory Elementary School (UBLES), Graduate School and the Library. The deans of SCJPS and SEA were also present during the seminar.

The seminar opened with encouraging remarks from the VPAA of UB- Dr. Armando V. Castañeda. He stressed that the training would help to prepare the attendees to be excellent decision makers whose decisions are based on research.

Dr. Rhoda Basco-Galangco gave an in-depth discussion about the requirements needed for the16174811_1402871303078264_6708727555819629081_n accreditation. She then proceeded to discuss the items in the application form for researches involving human participants. Detailed examples were given per item . Each item on form was also defined for the benefit of everyone. After the discussion, an open forum was conducted for some clarifications on the qualifications and functions of the advisers, panel members, and research teachers.

Dr. Aida A. Dapiawen, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, gave the background and the definition of the research framework as well as the attitude that a critic should possess. SheIMG_4453 pinpointed some points relevant to writing the research paper such as the problem statement and the research questions. She also lectured on the statement of the problem and the hypotheses. Lastly, she talked about the data gathering tool. She provided the participants with guide questions, exercises for the tools to use for data collection, and pointed out the importance of research design.

 Dr. Dyesebel L. IMG_4566Chinayo expounded on the topic “Research Design and Statistical Treatment.” Dr. Chinayo presented the importance of the research designs in relation to the target and sample population. She discussed how to analyze quantitative data.

Dr. Jun C. Corpuz  talked about“Ethics in Data Gathering Procedure”. The IMG_4595discussion streamlined on ethical principles and considerations, and the practical ethical guidelines for information gathering.

 Atty. Rommel P. Ayson, Vice-President for Administration, awarded theIMG_4740 certificates for the speakers and gave the closing remarks for the seminar.