Perspectives on Legal Education

Atty. Daniel Fariñas, Ed.D.
College of Law


This study was conceptualized and conducted to draw out perspectives of law students in Baguio City on legal education. The study involved their perceptions on legal education / legal profession, administration of law education, faculty / curriculum / instruction / facilities, and the BAR examinations. This descriptive-survey study utilized a questionnaire-checklist to gather the necessary data. Purposive, convenience sampling was used in composing the population of the study, which was a total of 206. Findings of the study show that law students favor the Saturday / Sunday schedule of law classes yet do no favor the Sunday schedule of the examinations. By and large, the law students are satisfied with their law professors. Further, the top three subjects the respondents would like to be deleted from the Bar Exams are Legal Forms, Taxation, and Legal Ethics. The perceptions of the UB law students and other law students of Baguio City were compared using the t-test. The computed t-ratio of 0.714 is less than the tabled t-value of 2.447 at .05 level of significance. Therefore, there is no significant difference in the perceptions of the UB law students and other law students in Baguio City as regards perceptions on legal education.


December 3, 2012
UB RJ Vol. XXIX, No. 1 2005