Poster Exhibit of Researches Appreciated

The Research and Development Center scheduled a poster exhibit of researches last April 14, 2011 at the UB Campomanes.IMG_4096 (Medium) Poster exhibits are held as a general protocol of researches before publication. It is also to disseminate research findings to faculty members, employees, and students of the University. The activity was joined in by the students, faculty members, IRRB members, and non-teaching personnel.

Under the  headship of Dr. Mary Agnes Haydee E. Dabucol, surveys and evaluation results conducted during the school year 2010-2011 were also presented in the poster exhibit. This is to inform other University constituents, especially the students, the results of surveys and evaluation of activities they participated in as respondents during the school days, considering that reports are submitted to concerned offices and majority of the University stakeholders are not informed of the outputs.

There were five (5) action researches that were presented in the said activity. The UB Vision, Mission, and Objectives: A Survey of its Impact among the Stakeholders is a collaborative study by Dr. Lloyd Orduña (Administration) and Dr. Armando Castañeda (School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management). This research paved way for the evolution of the new Vision, Mission, and objectives of the University. This particular treatise brings awareness to management and the different departments that majority of the stakeholders are aware of and accept the University VMO. However, the department objectives are not as known and appreciated by various stakeholders.

The Inflorescence Diversity of Parks in Baguio City was realized through the leadership of Dr. Benilda Narcelles, Research Subject Head from the School of Natural Sciences (SNS). Her team comprised of faculty members, namely, Ms. Cheryl Langit (SNS), Dr. Dahlia Soriano (STE), and Ms. Erlina de Peralta, Principal of UB Science High School. Their study presented different flowers found in the different parks in the City of Baguio. The purpose of the study is to come-up with a brochure or catalogue of these various flowers that attract residents and visitors in the City. The catalogue may be used by students, and public and private institutions concerned with environment and tourism.

The Educational Tour of the School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management was an action research through the efforts of Ms. Marivic Mutong and Ms. Rizalina Castillo, both faculty members from SIHTM. The said proponents studied the relevance and satisfaction of their students with the different areas of the tour. While the educational tour is important and interesting to the students, the proponents were able to project that tour programs must be enriched with seminars. Also, it came out that facilitators of the subject need to strengthen coordination with tour agencies, better monitoring of itinerary, and identification of other tour destinations aside from those places they usually go.

The refereed research, Modeling the Performance of Electronics and Communication Engineering Students in the Licensure Examination by Engr. Victor Hafalla Jr. and Engr. Elisabeth Calub, faculty members from the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), derived a model for forecasting a student’s board performance in Electronics Engineering. The study highlighted that completing the ECE course on time is a determinant of passing the Board Exam. It was also noted that general engineering education subject areas and communication subject areas posed low average scores for passers and non-passers, thus implying more emphasis of learning and review in these subjects.

Mr. Dionisio Nisperos, a faculty member from the STE who contributed research for the SIHTM studied the Effects of Non- Traditional Activity-Based Learning Experiences (NOTABLE) on Performance in Mathematics Problem Solving among Freshman HRM Students. Based on the findings of his study, he recommended that NOTABLE may be used to increase students’ conceptual knowledge of problem-solving in Mathematics and to alleviate the anxiety experienced by students with Math.

The three (3) surveys presented were Evaluation of the Student-Personnel Services; Survey on the UB Tagline and the Varsity Name; and Survey on Completion/ Special Examination. Faculty members and non-teaching personnel attended the activity to be informed of the results of these surveys and to gain insight from fellow employees of the University regarding the topics.

An assessment of the activity was done to gather participants’ views in light of the poster content and organization, poster designs, and venue. Majority of them approved of the poster contents as it imparted knowledge, updates and understanding of the different fields presented in the research findings and survey results. The students who attended the activity appreciated the poster exhibit because it enlightened them with the value of research through results of surveys they participated in. As more proponents invite their students to witness the said activity, the R&DC aims to conduct future poster exhibits in a larger venue to accommodate more spectators and a growing number of research enthusiasts. | By: Marilou B. Sannadan, Research Staff