Student Research Colloquium


The Student Research Colloquium on April 25, 2016 at the Centennial Library provided an opportunity for the students to disseminate findings of their studies. A total of 83 students from the Schools of Natural Sciences, Dentistry, Business and Accountancy, Criminal Justice and Public Safety, and UB High School attended the event.

The program was formally opened by Dr. Marilou M. Saong, a faculty member of the School of Natural Sciences. Dr. Saong mentioned that the wide range of topics to be presented would show us that the conduct of research is not only for the improvement of existing knowledge but also finding solutions to pressing problems in the community, improving the quality of life and health service delivery, among others.

The first group who presented their research was from the School of Dentistry. Their research “The Effectiveness of Powdered Milkfish Bone in Plaque Removal” won the 1st Place during the Best Student Health Research, University of Baguio. It was presented by Leira Mae Espanto and Annie Grace Urolaza. The researchers found out that powdered milkfish bone is an effective alternative for the commercially-sold pumice.

The second group of presenters came from the School of Natural Sciences. Their study was on the “Detection of Fungal Endophytes from the Different Varieties of Flamingo Flower (anthurium adreanum) in La Trinidad, Benguet”. Their study was presented in the Asia Pacific Conference for Medical Laboratory Science and became a finalist at the PASMETH Northern Luzon Research Forum.  The presenters were Shaira Harlene A. Camantiles and Mary Rose O. Chengay. The fungi identified in their study may help in the field of medicine in different ways because it can be a potential source of antimicrobial agents.

The third group came from the UB High School. Their research “Rambutan Seeds as an Organic Coffee”garnered 4th place in13220604_1175161312515932_2780194397879189850_o the Division Science Fair (2015) and was an official entry for the Regional Invention Contests and Exhibit by DOST in 2015 held in Baguio City. Their research was one of the official entries in the 2016 Regional Science Fair in Baguio City and won 2nd Best Poster in the 2016 Regional Convention for Microbiology by the Philippine Society for Microbiology- Northern Luzon Chapter which was held in Laoag City. The presenters were Kyl Tery Evon  J. Rivera, Janedon Mark L. Labi and Joseph B. Leo Jr. The researchers concluded that rambutan seeds have the capability to be a healthy coffee because the alkaloid content of rambutan seeds can be voided whenever roasting happens. It was found out that rambutan coffee is safer and less toxic than a brewed coffee since rambutan contains special nutrients that are very beneficial to the human body.

Another group from the UB High School presented their research on the “Chicken Rachis as an Organic Source of Keratin Hair Treatment.” This study placed 3rd in the 2015 Regional Invention Contests & Exhibit by DOST in Baguio City. On top of that, their paper also won 1st Best Poster in the 2016 Biology Teachers’ Association Regional Convention in Baguio City. Same paper was also awarded 1st Best Poster in the 2016 Regional Convention for Microbiology by Philippine Society for Microbiology Northern Luzon Chapter in Laoag City.

The fifth presenter is an alumnus from the School of Natural Sciences, Ms. Dianne Aurora M. Corbilla. She came to present their group research: “Flavonoid (Naringin) Content of Selected Citrus Fruit Rind”. Their research was presented during the  2nd College of Asian Scholars National and International Conference last Oct. 10, 2014 at the Green Resort and Hotel and College of Asian Scholars in Khon Kaen, Thailand. This year, their paper gained 3rd Best Poster in the Asia Pacific Conference in Medical Laboratory Science.

The last group to present came from the School of Dentistry. Their research: “Effectiveness of Foot Massage as an Anti-Anxiety Method during Dental Treatment” also gained inquisitive reaction from the attendees. The presenters were Niloofar Kafayati and Shannah Lee Fiasitao. Based from the findings of their study, the recorded level of anxiety of patients before dental treatment is higher than their level of anxiety during dental treatment. The same finding was noted on the pulse rates of the patients. The decrease in the anxiety level and pulse rates proves that foot massage is an effective anti-anxiety method during dental treatment.

The Student Research Colloquium was formally closed by Ms. Daphne Dee Dogcio, a faculty member of UB High School.