UB participants excel in the 2009 Northern Luzon Invention Contest

Two participants from the University of Baguio brought home laurels from the Northern Luzon Invention Contest held on August 18-20, 2009 at the Baguio Convention Center sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology through the Technology and Information Institute (DOST-TAPI). Albert Gonzalo II T. Bautista, a freshman student of the UB College of Medical Technology outrivaled other finalists from other institutions after spotting the first place in the Outstanding Student Creative Research (Sibol Award) college category with his study and invention entitled “Herbi Plast (A Revolutionary Natural Ointment Bandage).” His study was first conducted when he was still in high school and such continued when he took up a medical course where he was encouraged to turn his study into a more useful medical material. The result of the study was the Herbi-Plast Gauze Bandage, which was made out of leaf extracts of plants namely the Musa sapientum, Tabernaemontana pandacaqui and Cassai alata L. The product was clinically found to be more absorbent than the commercial gauze.

 “The competition was intimidating,” Bautista stated “because my opponents are all graduating and their entries were scholastically done since most of them are their undergraduate theses.” With this, his winning first place in the competition, according to him, was shocking. Nonetheless, such experience has motivated him to further strengthen his research capability through more extensive research engagements.

Another participant from the University received award from the same event. Engr. Menando Ambanloc, a faculty of the UB College of Engineering, garnered third place in the Outstanding Creative Research (Likha Award) with his wheel-less mobile robot named “Lawa-lawa.” According to Engr. Ambanloc, his landing as third place in the competition was unexpected with the thought that there were many researches far better than his. Furthermore, his main intent in joining such contest was not to win but to promote the idea that his home University is capable of producing researches in the field of robotics and inventions. When asked why his mobile robot was made wheel-less, he simply emphasized that such could virtually and theoretically pass through any trends. He was also advised by some of the judges to have partnerships with some agencies such as AFP and PNP and some institutions like La Salle and UST who have sufficient funding for such kind of innovation. “We need to strengthen our technology first in our respected region before going into that,” was his short reply.

The criteria for judging both categories participated in are as follows: (Originality and Creaticity-30%; Usefulness-30%; Market Potential-20%; Presentation and Demonstration-10%). The board of judges of the said competition include Engr. Arthur Luca D. Corpuz, Dr. Bessie M. Burgos and Ms. Annabelle V. Briones, all of whom hold prestigious positions in the Department of Science and Technology – Manila.

Both Bautista and Engr. Ambanloc received cash awards and certificates from the competition and will be representing the Northern Luzon cluster to the national level to be held on November 17-21, 2009 at the Philippine Trading Center in Pasay City.   | By: Jenifer L. Kuadli – Research Assistant