UB R&DC showcases 14 researches in a poster exhibit

The Research and Development Center, with its perennial aim of bolstering the research culture in the University, has onceIMG_3666 (Medium) again conducted a poster exhibit as a means of disseminating the research output of the University constituents last August 23, 2008 at UB Campomanes.

There were 14 researches presented in the exhibit namely: The Relevance of Rizalian Ideas in the Attainment of the Educational Objectives of the College of Liberal Arts by Dr. Ely Jose As-il; Job Satisfaction of Non-Teaching Personnel of the University of Baguio by Dr. Josefina Esguerra; Assessment of Field Studies 1 and 2 by Mr. Elmer Eligio; Effectiveness of the Deployment Program of the University of Baguio Student Teachers by Dr. Corazon Dacawi and Dr. Annie Mannong; The Utilization of the Health Care Services of the University of Baguio by Dr. Rhoda Galangco, Ms. Paulina Boc and Dr. Janice Kaylyn Lonogan; Medical Vocabulary Building among Freshmen Allied Medical Students by Ms. Maria Charito Lea Saxton; Music Preferences of the College Students of the University of Baguio by Mr. Bienvenido Constantino, Jr.; Motivating Factors and Field of Specialization Preferences of the College of Education, University of Baguio by Dr. Rhoda Tique, Mrs. Aida Dapiawen and Ms. Michelle Dicang; Performance of UB Criminology Board Examination and Its Correlates (2001-2006) by Ms. Dyesebel Chinayo and Ms. Rose Marie Detran; Generalizations to the Solutions of some Trigonometric Integrals using Abramowitz’s and Stegun’s Binomial Series by Engr. Victor Hafalla, Jr.; Employability of Criminology Graduates of the University of Baguio (2001-2006) by Ms. Dyesebel Chinayo and Ms. Rose Marie Detran; Higher Order Thinking Skills among Students of the University of Baguio Science High School by Mr. Jonas Austria, Ms. Mercy Molina, Mr. Ryan Saingan, Ms. Christine Antero and Ms. Cesaria Bitaga; Validation and Probabilities of Misclassification of Derived Discriminant Models for the Academic Performance of Pre-Major Engineering Students by Engr. Victor Hafalla, Jr. and University of Baguio Science Teachers’ Perceptions of the Goals in Science Education by Engr. Marilou Saong.

The participants of the poster exhibit were composed of faculty members conducting researches from various colleges, IRRB members, College Research Anchorpersons, non-teaching personnel from different offices and UB students making a total of 347 attendees. As per evaluation of the spectators, they were fairly satisfied with the studies presented as well as with the activity itself. | By: Jenifer L. Kuadli – Research Assistant