University Research Board and the Research Anchorpersons meeting and training

The members of the University Research Board(URB) with the Research Anchorpersons(RAps) from the different schools, met for a jointIMG_0843 meeting to discuss updates on the prerequisites of a competitive research, to share the progress the university in meeting the requirements of the Institutional Sustainability Assessment, and to learn new tools utilized in conducting research. There were 17 attendees during the meeting and orientation, led by Dr. Rhoda Basco-Galangco, Director of Research and Development Center (RDC), that was held on September 16, 2017, at Room F111.


  • The RAps are tasked to assist researchers referred by the RDC and to review research proposals. The Institutional IMG_0830Research Committee (IRC) is responsible for examining the scientific aspect, the standard quality and relevance of research while the Institution Ethics Review Committee (IERC) mainly monitors the compliance of studies to ethics guidelines. On the latter part of the discussion, the director shared tips on how to critique on-going researches.
  • Data gathering tools have to undergo validation. The RDC assigns the tool validator who issues the certification, review form and     feedback form.
  • On sharing the Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) results, the discussion focused on the outcomes that faculty members should have publications, patents, or policy papers to contribute to new knowledge or discipline. The IMG_0823Journal Incentive Programs of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) was also discussed since it could potentially help the university journal reach international recognition and achieve institutional goals.
  • Lastly, the director oriented the attendees on the software tools that can help students and professionals become more efficient in organizing their literature. She discussed steps on how to shorten Universal Resource Locator (URL) using Google URL Shortener and format citations with Mendeley. She also shared some of the plagiarism checking software that researchers could utilize for free.