Using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) for Research part II

To accommodate the bulk of research students, the R&DC organized a Part II of the SPSS seminar onIMG_5135 February 4, 2017, at the Computer Lab, Rooms F110-F111. The activity was slated for non-allied medical students who are enrolled in research subjects.   A total of 57 students joined the training. The attendees of the training were students from the School of Business Administration and Accountancy, School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety, School of Engineering, School of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, School of International Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Dr. MIMG_5055arilou M. Saong of the School of Allied Medical Sciences and Engr. Victor V. Hafalla were the trainers. He is the School Research Anchorperson of the School of Engineering.  Both of them are members of the University Research Board.

Topics that were deliberated are Introduction to Sampling and Designs, Inferential Statistics, Test on One and Two Sample Means, Chi-square Tests, Non-parametric Tests, and Inferential Statistics.

During the training, collaborative learning was done so that the students will be able to have a directIMG_5034 exposure to SPSS usage. This practice is done to improve the research skills of the students. As SPSS is a tool that is used to minimize the risks on the data it is also a useful tool to improve efficiency.

All research students who need reliability testing may avail of the registered SPSS for free in the Research Lab of the Research and Development Center.