Utilization of the University of Baguio Library for the 1st Semester, School Year 2005-2006

The Library Staff &
Bridgitt Santiago, Ed.D.


This study looked into the utilization of the library by the students, the faculty, and the non-teaching staff who frequented the library during the first semester, SY 2005-2006. This descriptive-survey study utilized a questionnaire-checklist to gather data. Convenience sampling was used in coming up with a total of six hundred forty-five (645) respondents as the total sample of the study. The study revealed that the respondents visit the library one to three times a week with the purpose of reading and searching for materials, especially in the Reference Section. They did consultations with the librarians every time they needed information. Respondents use the online database searching services more frequently in the Main Library and that they have learned to make use of this by following the posted guide on how to use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) where the computer terminals are located. Majority of the respondents said that they never availed of the compact disc products; whereas, compact disc users said that they did not use any instructional tool in using the compact discs. The library users expressed their desire to learn to use the compact disc products through a computer assisted instructional tutorial. On the awareness of the library users of the role of the librarians, it was revealed that the most of the library users do not know the professional librarians and the role they play in library research. Nonetheless, the librarians were perceived as experienced and they were satisfied during their last consultation with them. As for the student assistants, they were noted by the respondents as helpful and friendly.


January 13, 2005
UB RJ Vol. XXIX, No. 2 2005