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Qualifying Test for Incoming Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 11 student for SY2020-2021
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Academic Programs

Our mission

Junior High School

Junior High School Learning Outcomes
At the end of Grade 10, the students are expected to:
  1. demonstrate communicative competence;
  2. think intelligently, critically and creatively in life situations;
  3. make informed and values-based decisions;
  4. perform their civic duties;
  5. use resources sustainably; and
  6. participate actively in artistic and cultural activities and in the promotion wellness and lifelong fitness.
Our mission

Senior High School

Senior High School Learning Outcomes
At the end of Grade 12, the graduates are expected to:
  1. holistically developed;
  2. equipped with 21st century skills; and
  3. prepared for the future, be it in pursuit of higher education or acquisition of middle-level skills, or geared towards employment or entrepreneurship.


October 2019 Activities

11 - First Grading Card Giving
12 - YDT Practice and Outreach Activity
15 - YDT Sportsfest
22 - Social Sciences Festival and World Solidarity
31 - Halloween and Torch Parade

UB Science High School Awards and Recognition

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